MATS Explained

How can I delete my MATS account?

1. Tap on "More". 2. Under "User Settings", tap on "Profile". 3. Tap on "Manage MATS account". 4. Tap on "Delete Account". 5. Tap on "Yes".

How can I establish and remove a connection to Garmin (Connect)

Verbindung zu Garmin Connect herstellen: Tippe auf “Mehr”. Tippe unter “Benutzereinstellungen” auf “Verbindungen”. Tippe auf “Garmin Connect”. Folge den Anweisungen. Verbindung zu Garmin Connect löschen:

How can I establish and remove a connection to Strava?

Connect to Strava: Tap on "More". Under "User Settings", tap on "Connections". Tap on "Strava". Follow the instructions on the screen. Delete connection to Strava:

How can I send training from MATS to Zwift?

We have the following simple solution for you (with a bit of practice, you can do it in less than 30 seconds):

How can I create a coach account with MATS?

Register at and select the account type Coach during the registration process. The same process works identically in the mobile app.